Our Guarantee

***Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we have suspended all upcoming courses. We will not be taking bookings until further notice.***

***We will start up again as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. If you are interested in booking on to a course please email ed@pedalproject.co.uk and we will be in touch with you as soon as we are up and cycling again.***

We guarantee to get your child cycling safely without stabilisers.

  • For children aged 4 and up.
  • Courses run on weekends and school holidays.
  • Venues in Barnes, Battersea, Catford, and Twickenham.
  • All bikes and helmets are provided.
  • The course costs £125 and for that we guarantee to get your child cycling safely without stabilisers.

Here’s how the guarantee works…

You book your child or children on to a course of 3 one hour sessions. We usually find that 3 sessions is enough to get them riding safely. However if they haven’t quite got there after 3 sessions, we offer extra sessions for no extra charge until they’ve cracked it!

In this case we book them on to another 3 session course for no charge. The vast majority of children get there after 6 sessions but we keep offering extra courses for no extra charge to those that need them.

We teach in small groups of no more than 8 and use a variety of games to help the children learn balance and control.

Parents and carers don’t stay for the training sessions. Without the grown-ups there the children are less distracted and they encourage and learn off each other more readily. So we suggest you to take some time for yourselves and come back 5 minutes before the end of the session when each child will do a lap to show the progress they have made. We encourage hearty applause!

We only use Islabikes — the best children’s bikes on the market. They are lightweight and all components are scaled down in size. The brakes in particular are excellently designed, effective and easy to use.

We have different sizes of children’s helmets made by TSG, so we can be sure of a good fit. As with the bikes, we think these helmets are the best available. They meet all the safety regulations but are lightweight so stay in place, not ending up on the backs of their heads as so many children’s cycling helmets do.

IMPORTANT There is a huge choice of children’s bikes and many of them are really badly designed, making them very difficult to ride. We have also found over the years that bike shops invariably sell bikes that are too big for the child. If you do not yet have a bike for your child we strongly advise you to wait until the start of the course before buying, as we can give you expert advice after the first session. We also have a page here with all our advice when it comes to buying children’s bikes.

You can book a place on one of our courses by following the link to the venue of your choice…
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