“I can’t thank Ed enough for teaching my girl to cycle. His manner is so calm and the children respond so well; Rosa went from not being able to cycle to cycling beautifully and confidently. She now regularly asks to go on bike rides and it has made such a difference to our family time as we now go on bike rides together. Pedal Project really is a marvel.”
Georgia, mother of Rosaria (4)

“Fantastic is my one word to describe Pedal Project. Ed is a very polite, professional individual and relates well with the children. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up to Pedal Project. Our daughter now enjoys cycling and ensures that we follow the rules as explained by Ed.”
Liz, mother of Melanie (4)

“What a course! Ed and the Pedal Project were recommended to us by friends who had used it and raved about it. After 2 one-hour sessions he was cycling… unbelievable! By the 3rd hour his confidence was increasing! He absolutely loves it! We can’t thank Ed enough for his patience and encouragement. Thank you for teaching Matthew one of life’s activities he will never forget.”
Kyra, mother of Matthew (4)

“I cannot recommend Ed highly enough. He is professional, patient, gives excellent advice and is so encouraging. Our 13 yr old had never managed to cycle and was convinced cycling wasn’t for her. Within a couple of sessions Ed had rebuilt her confidence and kindled a love of cycling. This was a few months ago and she has recently completed a 30km cycling trip and is absolutely thrilled! Her siblings also learnt to cycle with Ed and really benefitted from his expertise and support – they too now love cycling.”

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you for helping Daisy to ride her bike. Not only can she now ride, she’s excited by the prospect of family bike rides in Bushy Park and her confidence has soared. She really enjoyed the sessions and I cannot recommend Pedal Project highly enough. Teaching kids to ride a bike can be a fraught experience for parents (at least it was with us) and in only three hours Daisy has achieved more than we and she could ever have imagined. She’s actually disappointed not to be coming back!”
Katie, mother of Daisy (6)

“I signed up the kids to Ed’s course in part as a summer activity so they felt they were doing something on our quieter days before returning to school but also to lose their stabilisers which I would have attempted otherwise.
“The sessions were drop off with 5 minutes at the end that parents could watch. Ed had obviously quickly built up a great relationship with his class who, when ready, shouted to the parents (rather sweetly) to come in in unison!
“When I came in on the second day, I almost cried seeing my youngest cycle at the annoyance of my envious eldest! That was the only difficult thing to manage… sibling rivalry!
“After a “will I, won’t I?”, on the third day, whilst my eldest was cycling, Ed, true to his word, volunteered a further free one-to-one session for her. We met up in a local park and she was cycling brilliantly at the end of it! Ed also spent time looking at my daughter’s own bike, adjusting her seat and even brakes! I think Ed did over and above my expectations and I would encourage everyone to sign up their kids! Money well spent! Just brilliant! Thank you Ed!”

Sofi, mother of Marina (6) and Saša (5)

“I just wanted to say I think your course is amazing. I have tried with my 4 year old son to take the steadies off to no avail. To see him confidently ride a bike after just 2 hours of your tuition is truly remarkable! Thank you so much, I will be highly recommending your course to everyone I know!!!”

“Violet really enjoyed the course not least, I suspect, due to a great sense of achievement. We have never seen her so positive during and following any of the other courses/clubs she has participated in. I interpret this as a strong endorsement for the course.
“I myself liked your own style of teaching the kids and I like the collaborative
approach that the course is built on. I spoke to Violet about the team / mutual encouragement approach and she seemed to really appreciate that aspect too.”

Ollie, father of Violet (6)

“Thank you very much for teaching Isobel to ride! It was an amazing course… I think it was the best money I’ve ever spent as Isobel can now not only ride but is really confident and keen to cycle. I loved the way that the course was broken down into small sections – balancing / pedalling / gaining confidence on the bike while pedalling. I think that doing it with a group of children who all couldn’t ride was absolutely perfect… nothing like being with your peers and working together as team.
“Thank you for the advice about the bikes. We bought her a second hand Beinn 20 Large and picked it up on Monday – she was riding it round the park yesterday absolutely thrilled and proud of herself.”

Sarah, mother of Isobel (6)

“Ed has the magic! After trying years without success, we thought our son’d never be able to ride a bike all his life. However he managed to ride perfectly well after less than an hour with Ed. This is a great confidence booster and brings a lot of positive aspects in him. Here’s my son’s own words – ‘Ed’s teaching was great. One session and I’d got it! I would definitely recommend him to other families.’
“Thank you, Ed.”

Aijing, mother of Colin (12)


Lovely thank you card from Kathleen (4)
In three sessions Kathleen went from not being able to cycle to starting pedalling on her own, stopping safely with her brakes, weaving in and out of markers on the floor, looking behind her whilst cycling, riding standing up and even one-handed. Quite amazing for one so young. Well done Kathleen!

“Thanks for everything you did for Allegra on your course. As you could probably tell, I was overjoyed at the results.
“You turned Allegra from a nervous non-cyclist into someone who now can handle a bike with great ease & confidence – & all in a couple of hours. Spectacular result! We will be recommending you to absolutely everyone we come across.”

Alan, father of Allegra (6)

“Thank you… really bowled over by how quickly you managed it. What an achievement – you are very clever.”
Charlotte, mother of Benedict (5)

“I have been spreading the word – your class was amazing! Eibhlinn has been out on her bike pretty much every weekend since she saw you, rain or shine, and she is BOMBING along. It has done wonders for her confidence and she’s just grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so much for setting her up for a lifetime of cycling!”
Emer, mother of Eibhlinn (5)

“I heard about Pedal Project from several ecstatic parents who had put their children into Ed’s capable hands and were now spending weekends and holidays cycling together. I read through all the many, many glowing testimonials and even after all of that was unsure as to how my two boys would fare on the course. But from the moment you arrive and until you leave each session, Ed instills a calm confidence and real sense of teamwork amongst the children and within the first hour you can already see the effects on them. Watching your child cycle unaided for the first time is almost akin to watching them take their first steps.
“What Ed achieves is nothing short of a miracle! I can certainly recommend Pedal Project to anyone who asks.”

Zoe, mother of Leo (6) and Zac (4)

“Thank you so much – Finn really enjoyed it (in fact on the way he he was a bit upset as he hadn’t quite realised that was going to be the last class and he was enjoying himself – he said he wanted you to teach him how to ride with no hands!!!). I was really amazed at how quickly he learnt to ride as we had a frustrating few weeks with me trying to teach him unsuccessfully.”
Sarah, mother of Finn (5)

“Thank you for teaching Charlotte how to ride her bike. She is absolutely thrilled. She seemed to really enjoy the course, was looking forward to going back each week and, of course, the results speak for themselves. I was very impressed with what you achieved with the whole class – you obviously have a real talent for teaching children. I will definitely be recommending your class to other parents. Thanks also for the advice about Charlotte’s new bike – I’m glad it is suitable for her – hopefully she’ll have many years of fun on it. We’re both looking forward to going for a bike ride in Richmond Park this weekend, with Charlotte on her own bike instead of being in a seat on the back of mine.
“Thanks very much again for helping Charlotte achieve this milestone.”

Jonathan, father of Charlotte (4)

“Can’t thank you enough for working a miracle with them! We went straight from your session to Bushy Park and they cycled the whole lap from outside the phesantry to Hampton Hill and back around!! They were demons and didn’t fall once! Can’t wait for the better weather and light evenings.”
Emma, mother of Georgie and Izzy (both 4)

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for being the difference to Amber’s success at bike riding. It has been overwhelming to see her achieve this goal. Many many thanks and best of luck with Pedal Project!”
Emma, mother of Amber (9)

“Thanks once again for teaching Minnie to ride. I couldn’t believe the outcome in such a short space of time! You truly are amazing. Minnie was thrilled and full of confidence. We went out on the common on Sunday and she was so controlled riding for nearly 2 hours. I am shouting from the rooftops to every group I go to or friends I see as I really believe your company/idea is genius!”
Emma, mother of Minnie (5)

“Thanks for all your advice regarding the bikes. Nala really enjoyed Pedal Project and it gave her such confidence to get out there and ride, and without stabilisers, immediately after the Project ended – so many thanks to you and team for this great work!!”
Berni, mother of Nala (5)

“I didn’t think it was possible, but you have done an amazing job! Olivia was very well motivated and enthusiastic about the course. You have got great skills and talent in teaching kids: your patience and technical knowledge are outstanding! I wish there were more teachers around like you!”
Kamila, mother of Olivia (7)

“A huge thank you for getting Jasper up and off on his bike. I couldn’t believe it when we went out for the first time and he just hopped on and set off! He is absolutely loving it and is so proud of himself (he tells everyone that ‘I’m a cyclist now’). Given how unsure of himself he was on a bike when he first came to you it’s just fantastic to see how much he enjoys it now.”
Chloë, mother of Jasper (5)

“We thought the course was fantastic and will definitely be recommending it. George is a bit disappointed that he won’t be coming to ‘bike club’ any more, but is thrilled with his new cycling skills!”
Helena, mother of George (4)

“Thank you so much, it really was the best money I have ever spent on the kids ever! Sammy is so happy he can ride his bike now, I don’t think I will be able to get him off it. We will be recommending you to everyone we know!”
Gaia, mother of Sammy (6)

“We are so happy with Felix’s progress in cycling. He is really enjoying it and getting more and more confident every day. We cannot thank you enough, and of course we are spreading the word as much as we can.”
Sole, mother of Felix (4)

“Dear Ed, Emma has continued to love cycling, we bought her a bike and I took her out (again) today. She has kept improving each time we go, and today was the first day I couldn’t keep up at a jog, I will need my own bike next time!
“I am impressed by your methods, especially the 1-2-3 and covering the brakes, which has been important!”

Rosie, mother of Emma (4)

“Thank you so much for your help with Quinn and his learning to ride his bike. He loved the course and felt very empowered by how you taught him. We had tried and just couldn’t get the message across about balance etc!”
Melanie, mother of Quinn (5)

“Rebecca had a great time during your course and we are so pleased with her achievement. We went cycling last weekend and although initially she was unsure it did not take long to zoom around again and on her heavy bike. Thank you for your patience and passion in teaching kids pedalling!”
Raffaella, mother of Rebecca (4)

“Thanks Ed for such an excellent course which the girls really loved. We’ve already recommended you to one other parent at their school and will I’m sure be doing so to many more and also suggesting to the school that they might want you to run a course for them.”
Nick, father of Georgia (9) and Emily (6)

“My 5 year old son had not done much cycling when I decided to sign him up for the 3 day Pedal Project course. He had never been on a balance bike and his current bike had stabilisers. It’s fair to say he wasn’t a natural! However he made massive progress during the 3 day class with Ed, who taught with a calm demeanour and clear instructions that even my easily distracted son could follow. By the end of the 3 day course he wasn’t quite cycling but was close. As is his promise Ed organised complimentary follow up sessions for Alex and after a few more sessions I’m delighted to say he’s now cycling, stabiliser-free! Thanks Ed you have been wonderful and also given us some great advice on bikes to buy. I would highly recommend Pedal Project to get your child cycling in no time.”
Rachel, mother of Alex (5)

“You are a miracle worker! Rudy thoroughly enjoyed the course. He’s been asking when he’s going again!! We can’t believe how well he did, and have been telling all our friends about the course!”
Lorna, mother of Rudy (4)

“Thank you so much for literally doing the impossible! I honestly thought it wouldn’t happen but by the end of yesterday’s class he was asking to come again next week!! Toby is so chuffed to have learnt and I can sense extra confidence in him already. We are so grateful to you, I will be recommending you to everyone! Thank you SO SO much and I really hope your brilliant business continues to grow.”
Fiona, mother of Toby (7)

“My husband and I had been trying to teach our son to ride for about a year when we sent him to Ed. After 2 hours I walked in to see him riding a bike. This sight took my breath away. I watched his confidence soar. A real moment in time. What a joyful thing. Ed is miraculous and magical with all the kids and we really feel lucky to have sent Zebi. Ed is a rare talent. His after care with the bikes is also fantastic. A real gem.”
Tara, mother of Zebi (5)

“After a number of frustrating, for both father and son, attempts at learning to ride a bike a friend recommended the Pedal Project to me. I was certainly hopeful that the course would help Samuel crack cycling but amazed that within two lessons he was already pedalling confidently.
“Ed did a brilliant job with all of the children on the course and I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who wants their child to learn to ride confidently and safely in a short space of time.”

Chris, father of Samuel (5)

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing work with Honor. When I first saw her with her team mates she looked so small and young in comparison, as well as being so shy, I thought getting her riding would be impossible. But you really have such an fantastic talent! It was a fabulous moment watching her pedal away.”
Sam, mother of Honor (4)

“Many thanks; my son has been cycling non stop since last week- practising everywhere he can. He is now also cycling on grass. He is gaining in confidence every day and thoroughly enjoying it! This is thanks to you! Thanks for all your help and guidance.”
Nikki, mother of Lucas (5)

“William loved the course and was very happy to come back the next day. He thought you were great, you had a very calm approach and you succeeded in teaching him to ride a bike where a few of us had failed!
“It was also great (as in William’s case) that if you need to return after the first three lessons there is no extra charge. I would highly recommend pedal project!!”

Emma, mother of William (5)

“Life has changed massively since they cracked it and we are delighted to finally be able to cycle as a family. We are planning a Richmond Park trip over the weekend, it is wonderful that we are now able to do that, not just from the perspective of my fitness but just to give them some independence, they are loving it, as are we.
“The boys’ father is a mad keen cyclist, clocking up a good 25 miles a day to and from work and he could not get the boys to show any interest in their bikes, whereas a few hours with you just nailed it.”

Laura, mother of Stanley (6) and Henry (4)

“Thanks so much again for the lessons you gave Calissa this week, she really enjoyed it and your calm approach and focus on teamwork was fantastic.”
Sarah, mother of Calissa (4)

“Thanks so much for giving Sam the confidence to finally set off on two wheels! He’s really proud of himself, but not as proud as his parents. He really enjoyed the lessons and I’m amazed with the results achieved in such a short space of time. I’d completely recommend your course to anyone!”
Jo, mother of Sam (5)

“Martin is practically glued to his beautiful new Islabike (I wish I had one too!). The bike arrived Monday morning and after a short practice session at Palewell Common we went straight to Richmond Park. We cycled 10km+ both today and yesterday and had several comments from walkers and cyclists in the park on how confident Martin is on his bike.”
Klara, mother of Martin (5)

“Dear Ed. Thanks for having a big impact on our lives and having such patience with Raffi and Alexia.”
Sarah, mother of Raffi (4) and Alexia (6)

“I’m so happy the kids have managed to crack it, I honestly doubted whether we’d EVER see Connor on two wheels so I’m thrilled. You’ve done a great job. I am telling everyone I know about Pedal Project. THANK YOU! Brilliant course.”
Lynne, mother of Cara (5) and Connor (7)

“Thank you so much for the cycling course. There was such a change in Bella’s confidence and she thoroughly enjoyed the course. So much so she wants to cycle everywhere now!”
Alison, mother of Bella (9)

“It’s actually quite fun.”
Esme (5)

“Ella really enjoyed the course – happily describing to me what she had to do each day. She would gladly do the course again!”
Ingrid, mother of Ella (5)

“Thanks so much. George has already been on a bike ride in Richmond Park with his Dad and sister. It’s as if he’s been riding for years. Amazing. Thanks so much for giving him the confidence and skills to do it!”
Katy, mother of George (6)

“Thank you so much for your amazing work with Ryan! We still can’t believe that you managed to help him ride in just 3 lessons!!”
Samantha, mother of Ryan (6)

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching Reuben and Evie to cycle. Because Reuben has Down Syndrome we knew we were setting you a huge challenge, as we don’t know any children with Down Syndrome that cycle without stabilisers, yet you were honest, positive and completely unfazed. When we saw him cycling after just three sessions I think the tears said it all! We are spreading the word about Pedal Project and urging other parents of children with disabilities to give it a go.”
Sarah, mother of Reuben (7) and Evie (5)

“Hi Ed, just a quick note to say thank you! You are a miracle worker! We had a family cycle today and Kenzey is getting more confident every time we go out. She was brilliant, leading the way and going quite fast! We are so proud of her. Thanks again, it’s great to be able to go out cycling as a family!”
Ghiesla, mother of Kenzey (5)

“He’s loving the cycling and coming on leaps and bounds. Can’t thank you enough, you’re a miracle worker. He’s even been out riding with mum while she’s running.”
Joel, father of Freddie (4)

“Ione really enjoyed the course – I wasn’t sure she was going to as she doesn’t tend to like courses/clubs that aren’t child-led. She doesn’t like being told what to do! However, she was excited to go every day, and seemed to love it. I think its because you run the course in such a calm way with a very lovely easy manner, I was really impressed. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting her to be able to ride without stabilisers by the end of the course, so I am equally impressed!”
Claire, mother of Ione (6)

“Thank you so much! They are really excited & chuffed to be able to cycle now. Well done you!”
Lucinda, mother of Skye (7) and Joseph (4)

“Thanks Ed – the course, and your teaching, has been brilliant. It has been a wonderful, confidence building experience for Catherine – she even rode to school today.”
Pip, mother of Catherine (6)

“Florence is so happy and confident on her bike that we can’t keep up with her anymore! We’ve been recommending you to everybody as you did such a great job in a really kind, calm way. I’ve attached photos of Florence’s thank you note (‘Dear Ed, I love pedal project, I love it, from Florence’!) I believe you are the one with the pink hair and she has the curls!! Thanks again for teaching and inspiring Florence.”
Katy, mother of Florence (4)


Florence (4)

“Thank you very much indeed for the course. Bella now has lots of confidence and we can’t wait to go out for a ‘proper’ bike ride – I’ll be sure to send you a pic. She has already told my husband and me what a great teacher you are – apparently you are v patient which is definitely a skill with young children!”
Sarah, mother of Bella (5)

“Ed – thanks for the lessons for Georgie. She can now ride a bike which a month ago I did not think was possible!”
Nick, father of Georgie (6)

“Thank you so much for agreeing to teach Ava earlier than 4 years age. She is loving cycling  and, well, we couldn’t of done it without your patience. I’ve recommend you to several friends. Thanks again and good luck with a Fab business.”
Natasha, mother of Ava (nearly 4)

“You have been so kind to and unendingly patient with Pipsy and Atticus which is hugely appreciated.  They are very lucky to have had an opportunity to meet you and to be taught by you.”
Alex, mother of Pipsy (8) and Atticus (4)

“Ed, I can’t say how impressed we have been with the whole service. I’ve bumped into a couple of families out and about over the last year and they raved about Pedal Project. Trephena loved the course and we have been out almost every day since. You have a great way with the training.”
James, father of Trephena (5)

“I’m so delighted that we put the girls on this course. You have been phenomenal with them!”
Jodi, mother of Ava and Caitlin (both 4)

“A big thank you for teaching the children last week, they really enjoyed it and you were an amazing teacher! I can’t quite believe that they were riding within 1 hour and 2 hours of teaching respectively. A miracle! You have transformed our summer holidays for this year, there are now endless possibilities of biking activities to do with the children over the summer!”

“With Ed’s expertise and patience, Poppy and Jemima cracked cycling with no stabilisers in just two sessions! Neither of them had a great deal of biking experience before which makes the achievement all the more impressive. Ed clearly has a brilliant technique, not just for teaching, but for encouraging the children, I would highly recommend anyone to join a Pedal Project course if they want to see quick and effective results!”
Katie, mother of Poppy (6) and Jemima (4)

“I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with Max and the excellent coaching you have given him. Seeing him ride this evening in the park was incredible, he looked so proud and free! We will continue to practise his newly learnt skill!”
Jackie, mother of Max (7)

“You do an amazing job. I was very pleasantly surprised to see half the class pedalling by lesson two. Eva is delighted with her new skill which we have been trying to do for months.”
Charlotte, mother of Eva (5)

“Thank you so much, the course was fantastic and I never would have believed he could be riding so confidently after such a short course. Harry spent the whole weekend cycling and barely walked anywhere! He is so full of confidence and is riding really well; the best £60 I have ever spent!”
Eugenia, mother of Harry (5)

“We were very sceptical about our daughter Beth learning to ride a bike in 3 days. She can be quite timid about new challenges however she was on her bike and riding confidently before we knew it. Ed is a miracle worker and she loves it.”
Lydia, mother of Beth (7)

“All I can say is a very big thank you. How you managed to get Jessica, who was very pessimistic in learning to ride to making her a very keen enthusiastic girl who keeps begging to go out on her bike is beyond me.”
Mal, mother of Jessica (7)

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching Elena to ride a bike.  Elena enjoyed your teaching a lot! She was so happy when I told her about Pedal Project. She was feeling nervous and excited at the same time.  Then, first fall and tears… your enthusiasm, confidence boost and encouragement made her soon feel all over the moon!”
Jelena, mother of Elena (7)

“Ed, you clearly have a wonderful way with teaching children. Kai and Micah both seem so confident in their ability since meeting you and that’s a real credit to you as a person and your teaching skills so thank you!”
Carly, mother of Kai (9) and Micah (4)

“Shoronya really enjoyed the course. She quickly went from feeling nervous that she wouldn’t get it right to being thrilled with her newfound abilities. She even enjoyed the breaks of drinking cold water mid-class! You’re a natural teacher, and did a great job engaging with the kids, as well as answering all the questions that I and the other parents peppered you with.”
Rebecca, mother of Shoronya (6)

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching my girls to ride a bike. It’s amazing how quickly you’ve got them riding! Naomi was very confident cycling in Mortlake Green afterwards. She did many laps all on her own. Heidi needed a confidence boost but she did a few laps too. I’ve already recommended you to many people.”
Sarah, mother of Heidi (6) and Naomi (4)

“I was reluctant to book this course as I felt that it should be down to us to teach our daughter to ride. But with a new bike sitting in the shed for 8 months, and seemingly no opportunity to teach her ourselves (younger and older siblings to look after, and dark when we get home from work) we thought this might be a good idea. Our daughter (age 7) didn’t want to go as she was worried she wouldn’t be able to do it and wouldn’t know anyone.
“She attended the half term course (an hour a day for 3 days) and Ed the teacher was brilliant. He has a gift for communicating with the children and a technique which instills confidence from the outset.
This course is brilliant and there were children there between about 4 and 8, all of whom could ride by themselves at the end of the third session.
I can’t recommend this course – and Ed the teacher – enough. He keeps his teaching to small groups so if you can get a place I would book one!

Rachel, mother to Year 2 Thomson House

“Mikhail had a fantastic time with you over the last 3 days. I have already recommended you to some very envious friends and Mikhail did some cycling this afternoon.”
Sophia, mother of Mikhail (4)

“Hi Ed. I wanted to say a massive thank you for teaching Flynn to ride a bike and so quickly. Flynn’s dad (who was very much looking forward to being the one to do this) died suddenly last year and I was so worried about the bike thing. So you have made a huge difference to us. I have already got three friends signing up to your classes.”
Odharna, mother of Flynn (6)

“Dear Ed you are a legend – amazing teacher and the course was great! It was incredible to see him pedalling in just 3 sessions. Thank you so much for teaching our son so well!”
Fatima, mother of Suleyman (5)

“I was amazed how quickly Sophie gained her confidence and by week 2 she was already starting to pedal laps on her own. I’ll certainly be recommending your course. Thanks.”
Ali, mother of Sophie (5)

“Ed I can’t thank you enough. The kids thoroughly enjoyed your lessons and gained amazing confidence with their bikes. We have removed those horrid stabilisers and will take the bikes to Yorkshire for Christmas and get lots of practice in. I think you’re absolutely fabulous getting them riding in so little time. Just amazing and incredibly patient!”
Sarah, mother of Amelia (6) and William (4)

“Aimee very proudly told me that she managed to cycle unaided. I think it has given a huge boost to her confidence!”
Danielle, mother of Aimee (4)

“He did it! Thank you so much. Not only did George really enjoy the lessons, but we are so impressed to see him cycling after only three weeks! He is (and we are) dead pleased it has been such a success. Thank you.”
Kate, mother of George (4)

“I couldn’t believe it when I turned up to collect Ella after session 2 and she was already cycling by herself. I was so impressed with your patience and how well you worked with the kids. Ella thoroughly enjoyed your course. We took her bike away at Christmas, she couldn’t wait to show off her new skills to the grandparents. Thank you.”
Cerise, mother of Ella (4)</strong