Social Enterprise

Since early 2017 we have offered an adapted version of the Pedal Project course to charities. The first charity we ran the course with is Skylarks and we have also worked with SCAMPPS and 21&Co.

These are after school courses for children with additional needs. Through these projects we have successfully taught many children to pedal without stabilisers; often to the delight of the children and the surprise of their parents, many of whom have told us they never thought it would be possible.

Sarah is a mum who knows Skylarks well and her son and daughter attended a Pedal Project course.

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching Reuben and Evie to cycle. Because Reuben has Down Syndrome we knew we were setting you a huge challenge, as we don’t know any children with Down Syndrome that cycle without stabilisers, yet you were honest, positive and completely unfazed. When we saw him cycling after just three sessions I think the tears said it all! We are spreading the word about Pedal Project and urging other parents of children with disabilities to give it a go.”
Sarah, mother of Reuben (7) and Evie (5)

Pedal Project is always looking for new partners so if you know of a charity that would benefit from our services, please do get in touch.